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Financial Policy

To continue our mission of providing you with the most effective medical care in a courteous environment we need your cooperation and understanding of our financial guidelines.

Claims Filing: Our practice provides a courtesy service to you in processing and filing claims to your insurance company for services provided by the practice. It is your responsibility to provide any additional information requested by your insurance company to complete this process. The practice has no obligation to wait indefinitely for unpaid claims: If your claim is not paid by your insurance company within 60 days the balance becomes your responsibility. Please make sure you understand your benefits prior to coming for your visit by calling your insurance carrier, however we will be glad to assist you.

Co-Payments and Deductibles: Your co-payments and unmet deductibles need to be paid at check-in, before consultation with the physician. It is the role of the front office staff in making such collections and not that of the physician. The practice requests that you respect this policy for the efficient delivery of services.

Non-covered Services: Not every service we provide at our practice is covered by your insurance. We will make every effort to inform you of those services prior to delivery. Any service, however, that is provided, with your consent, becomes your financial obligation and a payment in full is expected at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.

Missed Appointments/No-Shows: Patients are excused for a 1(one) no-show and no-call to cancel appointment in a 12-month period. Patients will be assessed a $35 fee for a second no-show and no-call visit. Cancellations made less than 24 hours to the visit are considered no-show and no-call. We encourage you to show up for your visits but, above all, to be considerate and call at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit, if you must cancel.

Outstanding Balances: Unpaid balances of over 90 days are considered past due and delinquent. Patients are given 3 weeks to pay this balance in full to prevent the initiation of “Collections”. Interest will accrue at 1.25% monthly or 15% per year. Patients with outstanding balances will not receive medical services from the practice until the balances are paid.


A referral is a request for further consultation and or treatment by your primary care doctor from another specialist or facility. This process needs approval by your insurance, and normally takes 48-72hrs. Same-day referrals can only be initiated in medical emergencies and not due to convenience or favors. Please make appropriate allowance for our office to coordinate this process. We do not make retroactive referrals.

Prescriptions Refill Policy

Patients are advised to call 1 week prior to medications running out and to allow 72 hours for processing of refill. The practice does not call in controlled substances after hours, weekends and holidays.

Laboratory Results

We will make every effort to notify patients of their lab results within one week of receiving them. Patients are however advised to call the practice if they have not been notified of their results after 7 days of having done their tests.

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